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Business process transformation aims to improve the efficiency of business operations by removing duplicate or unnecessary steps and automating as many processes as possible. It involves a radical rethink of what processes are and how they can best be executed. Financial services industries, which were protected for many years by regulatory barriers to the entry of new competitors, have been slow to streamline their operations along business process lines.


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Enhance your customer marketing, sales and service functions with business process services from Hanventure. Hanventure Global Process Services provides customer support for some of the most popular companies in the world. Our offerings include:

Best-in-class industry service models, including agents who speak more than 30 languages and an integrated delivery network capable of servicing your customers anywhere in the world.

Automated and standardized processes, based on Hanventure technology, methodology and benchmarks, help improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Multi-channel support strategies to make use of a unified communications platform, driving traffic to more efficient forms of communication.

Advanced analytics that help you respond to customer needs faster and identify growth opportunities ahead of the competition.








The systematic approach to Enterprise Risk Management allows us to take advantage of the scale and scope of the company to improve performance through better identification and management of enterprise risk. It is designed to help Hanventure:

·   ensure strategic decisions are           informed with appropriate consideration of risk

·   anticipate issues and prepare for them in the execution of strategy

·   analyze ongoing operations and take action to improve performance and increase consistency

·   monitor risks and feedback to the business more effectively





Hanventure supply chain management (SCM) solutions can help you meet customer demand by accelerating time to market while keeping your costs low through a reduction in inventory. From manufacturing and electronics to retail, Hanventure offers comprehensive solutions with metrics to help you monitor inventory, receiving, manufacturing and logistics. Distinguish your business by delivering high-quality products and services-with speed and agility-to meet changing customer demands.




Hanventure Finance and Performance Management give you the power to:

·  Evolve your finance department from controllers and scorekeepers to proactive business advisors.

·  Be empowered with reporting and analytics flexibility that complements your ERP system(s) and speeds your financial reporting and analytics.

·  Improve your ability to manage performance across the enterprise while aligning corporate strategy and on-the-ground execution.