It's the management of your applications and information technology (IT) systems. You strategically partner with Hanventure to manage and operate your applications and IT systems, under a mutually beneficial agreement. The IT outsourcing agreement may include the transfer of IT employees and IT assets to Hanventure. Hanventure provides service level assurances to ensure quality of service is attained and measured.


The facts about IT outsourcing's benefits

      ·  To study how companies engaged in information technology (IT)                               outsourcing realize improved financial health and performance.

      ·  To help corporate leaders better understand IT outsourcing's benefits - and             learn how they too can start reaping the benefits of outsourcing IT

      ·  To publish complimentary downloadable executive reports, Web-viewable                 videos and client case studies.


Hanventure hosting delivers the reliability, availability and expertise you need today, plus the flexibility to change as you grow - all without a major investment. We have solutions for e-business of all sizes and the skills to keep you up and running business.
What we offer

Application Security Service - We can help you effectively leverage your organization's Web usage to the benefit of both your employees and your business-critical applications.

Data Center Outsourcing - Relieve yourself of managing data center computing resources with the added flexibility to expand capacity, adopt new technologies and migrate critical applications.

Managed Security Services - Protect your information assets 24x7 at a fraction of the cost of in-house security with Managed Security Services from Hanventure Security Services.



Managed Server Services - Take advantage of a world-class infrastructure managed by Hanventure professionals, with a broad range of managed service options designed to meet your unique needs.

Managed Storage - Access storage capacity and other cost-effective solutions to increase your data availability and protect your critical information from accidental loss or destruction.

Network Outsourcing - Outsource the management of your networks, taking advantage of our skilled networking professionals.

Output Management - Outsource the management of your multi-device fax machines, copiers, scanners and other print/copy/scan equipment