Use the best software development tools and cutting edge product development capabilities to deliver solutions that run your business inside and out. Whether you leverage the latest software development tools that translate your enterprise architecture into robust solutions, design embedded systems, provide software as a service, or deliver enterprise applications, it is vital to your business that you get it right.




Discover capabilities and services that help you:

   ·   Deliver a competitive advantage to your business by aligning solution                                            implementation with your evolving business strategy

   ·   Integrate with existing software development tools and solutions

   ·   Assess alternatives before you spend on development

   ·   Respond effectively to business and technology change

   ·   Optimize total cost of ownership by delivering more effectively and predictably                                and by actively managing solution quality throughout its lifecycle

   ·   Deliver with agility; leverage reuse and automation capabilities

   ·   Drive productivity over the life of your solution




If you’re considering your overall data center and facility strategy, and you’re looking for ways to improve operational efficiency and data center energy management effectiveness,Hanventure offers a solution: Hanventure Data Center. Designed to streamline the data center planning and management process, this service helps you determine your data center facility capacity, availability and security requirements. It also helps you identify a suitable location for your facility, and helps you evaluate the best way to acquire, operate and manage the data center-with a smart design that can carry your organization into the future.

This service from Hanventure will also:

   ·   Teach your IT organization to take advantage of the capabilities of a solid, long-term data                center design

   ·   Help lower your total cost of ownership.






Hanventure Information Management solutions deliver trusted information throughout  your information supply chain  and help you analyze your information to gain insights, identify breakdowns, and make better decisions that will  optimize your business. 



Hanventure Security Server Protection offers multilayered protection against known and unknown threats and supports a broad range of operating systems. It helps provides host protection against data breaches and offers tracking and reporting to ease meeting regulatory compliance.